Don at at New World Samurai

New World Samurai and Karma Studio,
Tattoo and Art Gallery, Canmore, Banff, Alberta

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. Anthony Orsatti Biography

Anthony Orsatti started tattooing professionally in 2001, he did numerous guest spots across north america and Australia. Known for his fast and impeccable work in the industry. at one of the many conventions he worked he met Don Peterson at the Calgary convention in 2006. Don offered him to guest spot at his shop in the little mountain town of Canmore. Anthony started his guest spot a few days later. He was enthralled by the beauty of this natural backdrop he stayed for two weeks and headed back home to Ontario. After a month he was back at new world samurai full time, at which point New world samurai expanded and became Karma Galleries as well. Anthony has been at New World Samurai ever since except for his annual pilgrimage to Australia for usually 3 months over the christmas period and a few weeks every year working different guest spots in the States. Anthony has won many awards over the years and he is only getting better. his trips are lasting longer and booking with him can sometimes be a long wait. those who are lucky enough to have work done by him know that the wait is worth it.

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